ZEALANDIA has always been, and will always be, for conservation not profit. We have relied on the support of everyday kiwis and visitors to continue building healthy populations of our precious native New Zealand species. It is these generous donations that allow us to extend conservation efforts beyond the fence, increasing biodiversity and knowledge of the natural world.

Help us to continue educating, inspiring and enthralling future generations, and providing a safe haven for these iconic native species we’ve come to know and love. Your support will build a healthy and sustainable future for Wellington and New Zealand as a whole.

All donations over $5.00 are tax deductible. 

If you'd prefer to donate via bank transfer, our details are below:
Account name: Karori Sanctuary Trust
Account Number: 03 1540 0018062 00
Reference: Please input "Donation" as your reference.


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Keep Wellington's wildlife flourishing

Right now, ZEALANDIA faces unprecedented challenges. Most of the revenue that keeps the sanctuary running comes from visitors and supporters, and COVID-19 stopped international and local visitors almost overnight. We can all continue this work by each donating today.

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Help us to inspire the next generation

Your gift will help us to bring young people to ZEALANDIA who would otherwise not be able to get here, as well as get our educators out to schools. Your support helps inspire young people to be passionate and take action to protect nature and their environment.

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Help restore Roto Kawa and the wetlands in ZEALANDIA

Your donation will help to restore the health of the lower reservoir Roto Kawau and create space for our native freshwater fish.

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Adopt an Acre

Support our native wildlife and biodiversity in an impactful way by adopting an acre at ZEALANDIA. Your contribution to conservation will be shared in our Visitor Centre with an elegant plaque design. Adopting an acre starts at $10,000.

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