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Changing the Current: Fish Passage in Aotearoa

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Aotearoa New Zealand's native ika/fish are quiet and cryptic, and their struggles often goes unnoticed. In New Zealand we have over 50 species of native freshwater fish and over 70% of them are threatened or at risk. Some key reasons for this are pollution, loss of habitat or the challenges these fish face simply to move between habitats.

This blog explores some of those issues and what we can do to help out our freshwater friends. 


Conservation in Cities. What Motivates Participation?

By Christopher Woolley

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Research into what makes people want to take part in different nature-based activities improves our ability to design projects that will engage large numbers of participants from diverse backgrounds. This is important to ensure that projects benefit from sufficient engagement to make them effective, as well as ensuring that projects are generally accessible and appealing. Research from Zealandia's Centre for People and Nature published in the journal People and Nature, examined how different backyard conservation activities appeal to different sorts of people in Aotearoa New Zealand, and what motivates participation.

Actions for the Awa

Kia Mouriora Te Kaiwharawhara Sanctuary to Sea - Small Actions Equal Big Impacts

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How do we restore the mouri of an awa?

This is a complex task, but Kia Mouriora Te Kaiwharawhara Sanctuary to Sea (KMK/S2S) is trying to tackle it. Now five years into its 100-year goal of restoring the mouri of the Kaiwharawhara catchment, the project seeks to put the Kaiwharawhara in its rightful place as an essential piece in the healthy-ecosystem puzzle, and a source of kai, recreation, knowledge, and healing.

Read this article to find out how you can help the health of your local awa. 

Restoring Roto Kawau

Operational report

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In 2021, Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne embarked on an ambitious operation to remove around 22,000 exotic perch from Roto Kawau, the lower reservoir. We have outlined this project in an operational report. The purpose of this report is to share our learnings and support other communities with similar ambitions.


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