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Take it all in 11 November 2022

Take it all in

We want to encourage you to explore further into the sanctuary and take notice of things you may not normally see or hear. 

We’ve put together three tracks for you to explore based on your needs. Check them out here!

How Nature Benefits Us Through All Our Senses 3 September 2018

How Nature Benefits Us Through All Our Senses

As we are probably all aware, nature is good for us, and science is backing this up. Recent ZEALANDIA intern, Lara Franco, looked at the scientific evidence for how nature can benefit us through each of our five senses. 

Get a dose of nature at ZEALANDIA 6 October 2017

Get a dose of nature at ZEALANDIA

Promoting human health and well-being by connecting people with the natural world

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and one of the key messages being promoted this year is the power of nature – and with good reason too. 


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