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Happy Takahē Awareness Month! 29 April 2021

Happy Takahē Awareness Month!

ZEALANDIA is proud to work with the Department of Conservation Takahē Recovery Programme which aims to boost takahē numbers living in their natural habitats, and for the species to be treasured as a national icon.

Current Volunteer Opportunities 23 June 2020

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer programme is now open to new volunteers, and we are recruiting to fill a variety of exciting volunteer roles. They are particularly suited to volunteers who may be looking to provide a longer-term commitment, ideally a minimum of six months. You must be over 18 years of age, and acceptance is dependent on a satisfactory police check. Check out the roles here! 

"As good as it gets" 28 April 2020

"As good as it gets"

An article by ZEALANDIA Storyteller, Libby Clark

My blinkers have been removed.  

Until recently, my love for and commitment to Zealandia has largely been focused inside the fence. Sure, I knew about the halo effect: how kākā are now all over Wellington, how tīeke are nesting in Polhill Gully, how kererū and kākāriki frequent Karori, how tūī are a common sight and sound in our gardens. 

And I had heard of Sanctuary to Sea, with a vague understanding that it was about the Kaiwharawhara Stream. 

Now that my blinkers are off, a whole new perspective has opened up for me. With the Sanctuary to Sea project, Zealandia’s ‘Living with Nature’ kaupapa has embraced an aspirational and transformative focus beyond the fence. 



Student Volunteers show kaitiakitanga at ZEALANDIA 2 April 2019

Student Volunteers show kaitiakitanga at ZEALANDIA

Student Volunteer Week, 1-7 April 2019, celebrates and recognises the contributions of young people taking their future into their own hands. 
The focus in 2019 is Kaitiakitanga, the guardianship of our environment. Student volunteers are instrumental to this guardianship and are at the forefront of advocating for environmental protection and carbon neutrality. 

A Decade of Dedication 22 January 2019

A Decade of Dedication

Alison and Michael Hamilton: Recipients of the 2018 Faye Schaef award

Alison and Michael Hamilton were recipients of the 2018 Faye Schaef award for ZEALANDIA volunteers. This award was given in recognition of their work and dedication over the last decade, in which time they’ve done a range of volunteering activities from hihi feeding to mouse audits to being part of the transect team.

I met up with Alison and Michael recently to talk about why they volunteer as much as they do and what keeps them coming back.

Managing Expectations with Wildlife 2 July 2018

Managing Expectations with Wildlife

From big cats to flightless birds


Gripping on for dear life with one hand, camera in the other, as our jeep reversed at speed on a rocky track, hoping for a close encounter with a tiger in India recently - I suddenly thought of ZEALANDIA’s night tours, and how much visitors desperately want to see kiwi.

Outstanding volunteer Lynn Freeman 30 October 2017

Outstanding volunteer Lynn Freeman

When Lynn Freeman is not hard at work in the Radio New Zealand studios, she can often be found in ZEALANDIA, which she describes as her “happy place”, a place where she can get away from the stresses of work, take a walk and listen to the birds.

The Road Gang 19 June 2017

The Road Gang

Michael McBryde, Paul Kitteridge, Ian Appleton and Alan Perry call themselves the ‘road gang’. They are members of ZEALANDIA’s Wednesday working group – a group that meets every Wednesday morning  to carry out a wide range of maintenance tasks.

The giant weta woman of ZEALANDIA 18 April 2017

The giant weta woman of ZEALANDIA

Outstanding volunteer Sheila Playford

Sheila Playford has been described as a ‘Giant Weta Woman’. Since 2011, she has carried out a weekly survey of ZEALANDIA’s Giant Weta population and her dedication recently won her a ZEALANDIA ‘kākā’ award for outstanding volunteer contributions.

Outstanding volunteer Chris Gee 11 January 2017

Outstanding volunteer Chris Gee

Recipient of the 2016 Faye Shaef Volunteer Award

Volunteer guide Chris Gee was awarded the Faye Schaef award at ZEALANDIA’s annual volunteer dinner and award night in December. Louise Slocombe met up with Chris to talk about the work he does at ZEALANDIA , which he describes as ‘skippering and guiding’. However, as the conversation progressed, she found out he does a huge range of other activities... 


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