What's On at Zealandia


In the Valley

Sanctuary Closure 23-25th July

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The sanctuary will be closed from 23-25 July for the felling of some large pine trees over Lake Road. There will be no access into the valley for anyone for the health and safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff. The shuttles are cancelled for the three days. Rātā Café and the Visitor Centre will remain open.  Night tours will not be impacted as all work will finish by 5pm each day.

The lower section of Union Mine track and Lake Road between the toilet block and Tūī Terrace will also be closed from 26-30 July for the same reason, but the sanctuary will be open. You will be able to use Te Māhanga to bypass the closure, but unfortunately, mobility scooters and wheelchairs won’t be able to go past the closure.

Mātauranga in Action

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The 2024 collection of toitoi has now happened! A small team joined a group of Taranaki Whānui ki te Ūpoko o te Ika whānau on April 20th  to collect toitoi from Kohangapiripiri at Parangarahu Lakes. These ika/fish are now in quarantine at Zealandia for around four weeks to ensure they are nice and healthy before we release them into Roto Māhanga.

First Line of De-Fence

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The first of its kind in the world, Zealandia’s fence prevents all kinds of mammalian predators from entering the 225-hectare sanctuary inside. 

The curved top hat stops climbing predators, the skirt prevents burrowing mammals, and the mesh is fine enough that most mammals can’t get through (the only exception to this is baby mice). It is also high enough so that jumping animals can’t get over. 


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