"For the Birds" Art Show

An exhibition from Late May - June

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Can you picture your walls with a cheeky kākā, an iridescent tūī, or perhaps a shy takahē? Support your Sanctuary, your beloved wildlife, and your favourite local wildlife artists in our "For the Birds" art show. Starting as soon as Level 2 begins and running through to the end of June 2020, the ZEALANDIA gallery will be filled with affordable fine art and photography. Funds raised will go directly to supporting wildlife conservation at ZEALANDIA. There is art for everyone!

Zealandia launches fundraising campaign to support conservation work

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ZEALANDIA has today launched a Givealittle campaign to support its crucial conservation work during the COVID-19 response. 

“For almost 25 years, we’ve been working to bring the birds back to Wellington, and we need your help to keep it that way,” says ZEALANDIA’S Chief Executive Paul Atkins. “We rely on supporters and visitors to fund our critical conservation work, and this work does not stop even when we are closed to the public.” 

ZEALANDIA has been hit hard by the COVID-19 lockdown, as the majority of its income comesfrom visitors, including many thousands of international tourists visiting Wellington each summer and autumn. 

"As good as it gets"

An article by ZEALANDIA Storyteller, Libby Clark

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My blinkers have been removed.  

Until recently, my love for and commitment to Zealandia has largely been focused inside the fence. Sure, I knew about the halo effect: how kākā are now all over Wellington, how tīeke are nesting in Polhill Gully, how kererū and kākāriki frequent Karori, how tūī are a common sight and sound in our gardens. 

And I had heard of Sanctuary to Sea, with a vague understanding that it was about the Kaiwharawhara Stream. 

Now that my blinkers are off, a whole new perspective has opened up for me. With the Sanctuary to Sea project, Zealandia’s ‘Living with Nature’ kaupapa has embraced an aspirational and transformative focus beyond the fence. 




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