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Who let the dogs in?
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Who let the dogs in?

Rapu and Alfie, along with their humans, Sally and Miriam, are part of the Conservation Dogs programme and work hard all around Aotearoa, ensuring offshore islands, cargo, and sanctuaries like Zealandia are pest-free. 

Fortunately, after a day's hard work on the tracks at Zealandia, these very good boys were unable to pick up a scent of any rats or weasels! 

Thanks to Rapu and Alfie’s findings (or lack thereof), along with results from the traps, tracking tunnels, and cameras deployed and checked for the last few months by our team and volunteers, we have completed our response to the weasel incursion that occurred in October of last year.

Photo: Mustelid Dog Alfie taking a paws for a photo in the sanctuary. 

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