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Rangers save kākā chicks
ZEALANDIA Ecosanctuary

Rangers save kākā chicks

Recently, two young kākā siblings were discovered in the sanctuary at Zealandia, all alone without a nest or parents around.

The stormy weather we experienced possibly led to these nestlings being blown out of their nest.

Kākā need a lot of parental training to learn how to survive in the wild and are particularly vulnerable to imprinting. This means they aren't suited to being hand-reared so our rangers searched all over our sanctuary for existing kākā nests with similar aged chicks that could foster this nestling pair.

During this search, the two kākā chicks made a visit to Wellington Zoo’s Te Kōhanga The Nest for a check-up. They also received fluids and a high-calorie crop feed to ensure their wellbeing while awaiting a new home. 

Happily, both kākā were placed in separate nests and are now flourishing with their new foster families.

Our rangers at Zealandia will keep an eye on these families until the kākā are ready to fledge the nest.

A big thank you to the members of Zealandia and Wellington Zoo communities for generously contributing their time and resources, enabling our organisations to continue caring for Aotearoa New Zealand's taonga species.

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