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Karori Sanctuary Trust Annual General Meeting Thursday 29 October 2020, 5:00pm

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To help us with planning and logistics for the AGM, please let us know if you plan to attend using the RSVP link below. You can also use this to record your apology.


Election of member appointed Guardians

Guardians need to have an active interest in the long-term future of the Trust, and be available for the regular quarterly meetings of the Guardians. A good understanding of the Board’s role and an ability to work in a collegial and constructive way are highly desirable. Guardians are not required to bring a specific technical or professional skill. However, knowledge and experience in areas relevant to the Trust’s mission are welcomed. These areas include education, conservation science and research, conservation and biodiversity management, and visitor experience. Member appointed Guardians desirably bring an active interest in community support and participation. They may also bring connections relevant to the Trust’s growing partnerships with New Zealand and global conservation organisations.

There is one member appointed vacancy on the Guardians. The following member has been nominated as a Guardian:


Paul Wilson

It was Sirocco, NZ’s official Spokesbird for Conservation, who recruited me to Zealandia. His appearance, his antics, his charm were irresistible. On that same evening, the VC Team had done an excellent ‘up sell’ job and made me an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse - membership. A few weeks later I’d received a Bulletin and read about an opportunity to volunteer as a ‘Valley Guide’. So, brimming with enthusiasm (and lack of knowledge) I put my name forward, and within a few months had completed my training and found myself taking ‘Walk ‘n Talks’ a couple of times a month.  Every time I visited, I learnt something new, and was keen to know more. I met like minded people. In short, I was ‘hooked’. 

“A Native Wildlife Sanctuary for Wellington City” was written in 1992. The Vision (pp 7-9) starts with the word “Imagine“, followed by a list of 15 possibilities. A place for people, and pre-historic oddities! And it was all coming true. And, I was an enthusiastic part of it - sharing the Vision - with visitors on Day Tours, Private Tours, Cruise Ships, Heritage Tours. Hundreds of tours and thousands of visitors! And, it all started with Sirocco.

My professional career began as a professional engineer (reducing pressure losses in mines) and that morphed into roles in Banking and Finance (New Zealand Manager for a ‘multi-national’), and eventually Director of my own company. Along the way I acquired good Sales, Marketing, Project Management skills and the ability to get along with people, and get things done.

What’s my next challenge?  To join the Guardians of Zealandia.

I love the way we engage with the community, and the way we involve people, and that’s why I’m keen to be a Guardian – to help keep our Vision alive and keep that strong connection with our membership of families, individuals, and hard working volunteers. People from all walks of life. A record membership now over a whopping 17,000.

It’s important their voice continues to be heard, and their views represented. My life, love of Zealandia, and business experience skills (incl. governance and management) is a ‘good fit’, and that’s why I’d like to join the Guardians.

Kia ora e te whānau.


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