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Sanctuary Stories
ZEALANDIA Ecosanctuary
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Sanctuary Stories

An Exhibition

The ZEALANDIA gallery (found on the stairway between the store and Rata Cafe) will host an art exhibition by our Sanctuary Storytellers throughout September.

The volunteer Sanctuary Storytellers are a diverse group of writers, photographers, editors and designers who through their creative efforts, tell ZEALANDIA’s stories to the world. The photo-essays in this exhibition highlight the breadth of their talents and interests, and range from the microcosmic to the big issues facing our precious wildlife.

Look for the Storytellers’ work on our website, blog, and social media feeds, and be sure to buy their 2018 ZEALANDIA fund-raising calendar.

Contributors to this exhibition

Vanya Bootham: Passionate about science communication and education; and tweeting at @VanyaBootham.

Brendon Doran: Like much of New Zealand’s wildlife Brendon is quiet and unassuming. When he’s not chasing his 3yo daughter, you can find him photographing the creatures and critters of ZEALANDIA. Further adventures found at

Lynn Freeman: Lynn loves all things kākā. From kākā surveys to nestbox monitoring, she’s done it all. She admits to spending six days outside a nestbox to get the kākā fledging photos, only to find she had her new camera on the wrong setting.

Chris Gee: A shy, retiring individual who shuns social media. There is a rumour that he has a bach hidden away in the Sanctuary so that he never needs to go home.

Andrew Hawke: Grew up by the valley, regularly mountain biking inside it and throwing people off the dam (rope generally attached). Construction of the sanctuary fence means he is now limited to wandering inside it night and day, guiding and taking wildlife photos.

Chris Helliwell: Award-winning wildlife photographer, specialising in NZ wildlife and macrophotography.

Alfie Kākā: ZEALANDIA’s avian eye-in-the-sky and resident gossip. Follow his exploits and advocacy on Facebook @alfiethekākā, Twitter @AlfieKākā and his blog

Eeva-Katri Kumpula: A southern visitor to ZEALANDIA, flying in on teal wings. Loves exploring the Upper Valley Tracks, and posts too much on Instagram at @eevis396783.

Judi Lapsley Miller: Storyteller group convener, writer, photographer, photo-artist, and kākāphile. Blogging about the Art of Birding at

Hayley May: A “fun gal” who likes photographing nature’s teeney tiny things, maker of some rather famous hats, and has wowed in WOW. On Instagram @hmbyhmnz.

Ali McDonald: An environmental studies student with a passion for plants and community conservation. Blogging at

Janice McKenna: Takes the odd snap, works in the wonderful world of logistics, and is a stalker of Sirocco Kākāpō. Check out her gorgeous portfolios at

Linton Miller: When he’s not blinging out kākā chicks with fancy bangles, Linton turns his hand to wildlife photography.

Louise Slocombe: ZEALANDIA blogger and fledgling night guide assistant. Can be found loitering in the furthest reaches of the valley and at

Kristine Zipfel: An award-winning photography student, Kristine uses photography to highlight conservation issues.


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