ZEALANDIA Trading Card Game

Introducing the ZEALANDIA Trading Card Game! Your students will have a blast learning about New Zealand bird life through addictive gameplay and trading. This game is designed to be fun and engaging while teaching students about our many manu (birds) and how to identify them. The ZEALANDIA education team have been using the game as part of their outreach programme in schools and had great results with student's bird identification skills, testing students before and after gameplay.

Students had 15 minutes to identify 30 birds found in New Zealand. Students looked through 30 pictures of birds and had to record the name of that bird. The average score before using the cards was 11.4 out 30. The school had focused on NZ manu in their learning and had been part of ZEALANDIA’s outreach programme in 2015. Many birds identified in the first test were common birds such as Tūī, Piwakawaka and Kererū.

After using the ZEALANDIA TCG students were again asked to do the exact same test. The average group score increased from 11.4 to 25 out of 30. Over the space of a few weeks student’s bird identification had doubled with many students identifying difficult birds such as mōhua, pipipi and riflemen.

If you'd like your class to get involved with the ZEALANDIA Trading Card Game, please contact our Education Rangers at:

Phone: (04) 920 9202
Email: education@visitzealandia.com

Special thanks to Department of Conservation, Katy & Nick Cottrell, Glenda Rees, Mike Vincent, Michael Hamilton, Andrew Digby, Emma Rowell and Janice McKenna for making this card game possible.

How to Play