ZEALANDIA Trading Card Game

 Introducing the ZEALANDIA Trading Card Game! Your students will have a blast learning about New Zealand bird life through this exciting and relatable resource. The game is designed to be fun and engaging while teaching students about our many manu (birds) and how to identify them. The ZEALANDIA Education and Youth team have used the game in their outreach programmes in schools and teachers have had great results with students’ bird identification skills. Using pre and post testing, students showed a significant improvement (over 40%) in their ability to recognise and identify a range of New Zealand birds.

For the period leading up to Conservation Week 2019, in conjunction with Squawk Squad’s programme, ZEALANDIA will be making downloadable printable pdf’s available. After this, when you have had some fun learning how to play the game, you can order your own permanent sets at $65 (incl GST), which covers printing and postage costs.

Sets available are Forest, Coastal, Alpine and Wetlands, and our bilingual Freshwater set. The Island set will be made available as a Limited Edition later in the year.

How to Play

If you'd like your class to get involved with the ZEALANDIA Trading Card Game, please contact our Education & Youth Rangers at:

Phone: (04) 920 9204
Email: education@visitzealandia.com


ZEALANDIA Trading Card Game - Teachers' Guide [PDF 2.8MB] 


Special thanks to Department of Conservation, Katy & Nick Cottrell, Glenda Rees, Mike Vincent, Michael Hamilton, Emma Rowell, Steve Attwood, Darren van Hoof, Leon Berard and NIWA for making this card game possible.