Freshwater is the keystone to much of life on earth.

Even when freshwater looks clean and healthy, it can be struggling below the surface.

Recently, we successfully released the often-overlooked native fish, the toitoi or common bully, into the waters of Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne.  

The project has set a new standard for freshwater restoration work and demonstrates Zealandia’s leadership and passion for lesser-known species.  Toitoi may be modest in size, but they play a crucial role in our freshwater ecosystems.

Sadly, we're witnessing an alarming decline in native species like toitoi, with over 4,000 species now threatened with extinction in Aotearoa New Zealand alone. 

This pattern of loss isn’t good enough, and Zealandia stands as proof that it can be reversed.  

However, we can’t do it alone.  

This winter I am asking for your continued support to help us tackle some of society’s trickiest and most urgent urban freshwater issues.  

Please make a difference by making a donation towards our freshwater restoration projects.



Toitoi release into Roto Māhanga - Photo by Scott Langdale




Alternatively you can make a deposit directly into the following account and email to let us know you've made a donation.

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