Photo: Steve Attwood

The experience

“Zealandia by Night” tour

Enjoy the nocturnal sights, sounds and smells of the sanctuary valley

A little spotted kiwi fossicks for a star-lit breakfast

Photo By Kimberley Collins

Visitors cast torch trails across the tranquil upper dam

Photo By Jo Moore

A night tour at Zealandia is a unique experience you will never forget.

After your guide shows you the highlights of our interactive exhibition you will walk through the gates of our predator-exclusion fence and hear evening birdsong that was absent on the mainland for more than a century.

Explore the valley by torch-light as your guide leads you in search of some of the more distinctive sights and sounds of New Zealand’s bush.

What will I see?

You might be lucky enough to see kiwi foraging on the forest floor, tuatara hunting for food, glow-worms shining, tiny Maud Island frogs in their enclosure, pāteke (brown teal) feeding at night, or kākā (parrots) coming in to roost.

What will I hear?

The high-pitched call of kiwi, the ghostly echo of the ruru (morepork), the scritch-scritch of tree wētā, the skraark of kākā and the rustling of the bush as nocturnal creatures start their nighttime activities.

Booking information

Photo by Tom Lynch

Little spotted kiwi

Zealandia is home to the only population of little spotted kiwi on the mainland. We are one of the best places to see kiwi in the wild in New Zealand. Over 100 of these nocturnal birds roam free inside the safety of our sanctuary valley – so your chances of finding one are good and your guide will help you.