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What is that nice smelling tree?

October 10, 2012


Rangiora flowers. Photo: Alison Buchan.

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“I went on a night tour this week and there was a beautifully scented native tree (nocturnal) near the baby tuatara nurseries, I have forgotten the name of it, could you please tell me what it is called?”
-Rebecca R.

This question made us think a bit! Initially, we wondered whether you were referring to the hangihangi as it is quite something this time of year. Additionally, the Montpellier broom has a very distinctive scent and it is very common throughout the valley. However, the most likely answer is rangiora (Brachyglottis repanda) as this has both a pleasant perfume and is also scented at night. Many people notice the different smells in the valley if they come during the day and on one of our night tours. This is because many native plants have a scent in the evening or nighttime to attract moths which are big pollinators in New Zealand.

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