Photo: Brendon Doran


Kākā / Kākā, Nth Is.

Kākā feeding on berries

Photo By Janice McKenna

Subadult kākā in flight

Photo By Bill Beale

Large, olive-brown forest parrot. Has orange plumage under wings and a strong curved beak. A ‘cousin’ to the alpine parrot, kea.

Has a loud ‘scraak’ call and also some beautiful songs and whistles. The word kākā can mean ‘screech’ in Māori.

Kākā had effectively been extinct in Wellington since the early 20th century until they were transferred back into the wild at Zealandia in 2002.

One of our most visible and engaging forest birds. At certain times of the year are prolific at the kākā feeders. Will often venture quite close to people. Also commonly seen in surrounding suburbs and other forested areas in the city.