Alfie and friends vote kākā for Bird of the Year

September 21, 2012

kākā egg wants your vote

This kākā egg wants your vote. Photo: Linton Miller

Zealandia’s kākā residents are doing their best to win Forest & Bird’s “Bird of the Year” poll by furiously producing as many kākā representatives as possible. Spokesbird “Alfie Kaka” reports that ever since the competition was announced, the forest has been alive with feathers a-fluttering.

Alfie tweeted:

“Just back from a valley fly-by: 10 kaka nests underway, 30+ eggs! First chicks due any day now #cutefactor #birdoftheyear #votekaka”

Kākā Kampaigner Rachel Anderson-Smith is a Zealandia member who enjoys having kākā in her garden and seeing locals connect with nature.

“Kākā are the People’s Parrot – who doesn’t love seeing these charismatic birds back in the city and hearing them skraark overhead? With the help of Zealandia, Kākā have certainly made a raucous return to Wellington. They came fourth in last year’s poll, so this year let’s put this cheeky bird on top!”

Zealandia is backing the campaign, a spokesperson added:

“Kākā are one of our success stories – it was rare to see one before the fence was built and pests were eradicated, but now they fly around as if they own the place. They’re very vocal so let’s give them a platform to boast from.”

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Extra information

A collection of kākā photos form this kompelling kākā gallery.

You may have seen in the news recently a kākā made his way to Taranaki – these birds will really go out for their way to spread the message!

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