2012 Zealandia Volunteer Awards

December 6, 2012

Volunteer Awards 2012

Anti-clockwise from left: Judy Briggs, Facilities Manager Russ Drewry, award winner Bronwen Shepherd, Karen Koopu, Judi Lapsley Miller, Lynn Freeman, Steve Cosgrove, Linton Miller, and Conservation Manager Raewyn Empson. Photo: Fraser Crichton

Each year we take time to publicly recognise the work undertaken by all volunteers at Zealandia and to thank all of them for their continued support. Our Volunteer BBQ and award night was held on 23 November this year.

Individuals who made a particularly outstanding contribution to Zealandia over the last year receive awards, and some of our long serving volunteers receive their 10-year badges.

The 2012 Oustanding Volunteer Awards

Harry Stone
Harry has been one of our longest serving members of the Fence Monitoring Group; checking the fence since it was completed. Over the last year we have combined the running of the fence on the Karori side under the one convenor and Harry has been there to offer advice and guidance over the section he has looked after. Incidentally we calculate that over the years Harry has walked the equivalent of over 1,400 kilometres!

Gil Roper
Gil completed his guide training in March 2007, has been a regular on the weekend guiding roster. Not only that but Gil has been the main stalwart of the cave weta surveys since February 2009 and he surveyed them ever since. It is this extra commitment for which we are grateful.

Lorna Webb
Lorna began guide training April 2008, and has become a Lead Guide this year. She is committed to getting our conservation message across to visitors through Guiding and tours, and this extends to her classroom as well. You may remember the takahe posters exhibited at the Visitor Centre, all done by her class. She is indeed a true ambassador of Zealandia.

Steve Attwood
Steve’s contributions to Zealandia cannot be forgotten. The hours in the field capturing wildlife photos, and his generosity in making these available for us, means that his work here will continue to be appreciated by future generations here at Zealandia, together with content written for our website. He is passionate about Zealandia, and using his experience in local government, he was instrumental to help us form responses to the council merger proposal during the year.

John Burnett
John has been involved in many aspect of volunteering, and his contributions to Zealandia extend over so many years. He is always supportive and helpful, offering advice on many aspects of our work. This award is long overdue, and John deserves recognition.

Peter Hampton
Peter has been coming in to the Office regularly over a long time now to ensure the weekly banking is done accurately and in a timely manner. With a slight restructuring the weekly banking was moved to the Visitor Centre, but Peter was more than wiling to adapt and such flexibility has ensured consistent service in this important function. We appreciate his professional commitment.

Chris Gee
Everyone knows Chris through his Guiding and Boat Skippering duties. But it is his work with the kiwi project for which we acknowledge him this year. Chris joined the team and hit the ground running, we have dragged him out on rainy nights and staked out birds ‘til four in the morning and he still wants more. He is a real asset to the team.

Peter Hodge
Peter has been a great supporter of Zealandia over the years and remains as one of our most loyal and committed members of the Wednesday Workgroup. He is able to take up a new project and come up with ideas and solutions in a cost effective way; always looking at how things can be improved. His work is appreciated in all corners of Zealandia.

Bronwen Shepherd
Bronwen is a bundle of energy; enthusiastically involved in kaka nest monitoring, kaka survey, kiwi stalking, and guiding. Over the last year Bronwen has ventured to the far end of the valley enabling us to extend the number of nestboxes we can monitor. Her experience and excellent work is something we treasure at Zealandia.

Bill Wheeler
A stalwart of the bird feeding groups, Bill has been involved since 2001. His willingness is something to be admired; dependable and undaunted by weather conditions, Bill does not hesitate to help out when the call is made. His knowledge and advice ccontinues to be invaluable and Zealandia is lucky to have Bill on board.

Yvonne Wilson
One of our volunteer Hosts, Yvonne continues to be more than willing to give up her time to assist with the roster, putting in the extra yards to cover duties on special days, cruise ship visits, and during school holidays. Yvonne’s enthusiasm leaves visitors with a smile on their faces, and she is keen to promote Zealandia at every opportunity.

The 2012 Outstanding New Volunteer Award

Ruth Young
This year, for our special award to acknowledge an outstanding contribution by a new volunteer we recognize someone who has been quietly coming in giving so much valuable time in the office. Willingly filling gaps wherever required, often sitting in on our front of house desk helping out, handling various data processing tasks; she is a safe pair of hands that can be relied on.

10-Year Badge Recipients

Each year we recognise those volunteers who have completed 10 years of continued volunteer service. This year is no exception.

In alphabetical order:

Steve Cosgrove
Dave Gobey
Fiona Heron
Sue Usher
Karin Wiley