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Happy Birthday Alfie – Zealandia’s oldest kākā!

October 29, 2012

Alfie kākā

Alfie sits on a volunteer kākā monitor’s head. Photo: Judi Lapsley Miller.

Happy Birthday to Zealandia’s spokesbird “Alfie” kākā and his sister who turned 12 years old today! They are Zealandia’s oldest kākā, but are still only middle-aged.

Hatched at Hamilton Zoo on 29 October 2000, Alfie and his siblings were released at Zealandia in June 2002, starting Wellington’s founder kākā population. Since then, Alfie has fathered 26 kaka chicks and his sister has mothered 29 chicks; both now have countless grandchildren. Zealandia is expecting a bumper crop of kākā chicks this season, with 50 chicks hatched already.

Alfie is known for sitting on people’s heads, as shown in this photo – most probably as a result of early interactions with zoo keepers.

You can follow Alfie on Facebook or Twitter.

Alfie kaka

Alfie (right) courtship feeds KO-G. Photo: Judy Briggs.

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