Photo: Steve Attwood
The Karori Sanctuary Experience


Paintings by Miang Lim

Painting by Miang Lim

Exploring the dynamic tension between Eastern and Western art

Opening function: Friday 2 November 5:30pm
50% of profits to be donated to Zealandia.

Miang Lim

Of Chinese ethnicity, I was born, and grew up in, Malaysia. I have worked and traveled widely internationally, and been exposed to different cultures of the East and the West. I now live in Wellington. I have been painting watercolour for over 25 years.

My paintings explore the natural beauty of the Western World, and are sometimes enhanced with intricate poetic Chinese calligraphy. Although I like to explore other painting media, most of my paintings are watercolour because I love its transparency, its fluidity, its mystic expression, and the way it complements the calligraphy.