We rely on the support of everyday kiwis and visitors to continue building healthy populations of our precious native New Zealand species. It is these generous donations that allow us to extend conservation efforts beyond the fence, increasing biodiversity and knowledge of the natural world.

We're currently asking for donations to support our kākāriki. Our population of parakeets is thriving in the sanctuary and we need help keeping it so.


- Find out more about kākāriki

- Where and how to spot kākāriki

- Kākāriki banding at ZEALANDIA

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Help our Kākāriki

Now is a crucial point where every little bird counts, and your donation will help nestlings within the sanctuary grow to adult kākāriki in Wellington's backyards. Donations of all sizes add up to something big - together, we can make a huge difference.

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$10,000 Acre

Leave your legacy and really, really help ZEALANDIA support our native wildlife and biodiversity. You'll get to pick your acre, while your contribution to conservation will be shared in our Visitor Centre with an elegant plaque design.

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