Photo: Tom Lynch


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Kākā leg bands

Kākā with leg bands O-OM (orange on left leg, orange over mauve on right. Photo: Judi Lapsley Miller.

Birds originating from Zealandia can sometimes be observed far beyond our fence; this dispersal is known as the “halo effect”. You can help us track the range of our bird species by sending in reports of your sightings.

Reports are used by Zealandia, Forest & Bird, and Department of Conservation researchers. All personal information is kept in confidence but may be used to contact you for more information about the sighting.

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 Bellbird Hihi Kākā Kākāriki (red-crowned parakeet) Kererū (wood pigeon) Long-tailed cuckoo NZ Falcon Robin Saddleback Tomtit Whitehead
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